• 1:30 true scaled model of Galilean First Century Fishing Boat
  • Made from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • Precision laser cut & engraved
  • Glue IS REQUIRED to put together
  • Some pieces are delicate
  • Includes ropes and faux sail. 
  • Can be painted using enamel
  • It's NOT made for water. It doesn't float
  • Boat Assembled Dimensions: 10.5”long x 3.5”wide (mast - 6" wide) x 7.75”high (26.7cm long x 8.9cm wide (mast 15.2cm wide)x 19.7cm high)

Galilean First Century Fishing Boat Scale Model - 1:30 Scale

SKU: 00015

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