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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Hello friends. We hope everyone is staying safe and positive during these difficult times. We wanted to thank all the friends that have purchased our models and also all the ones that have subscribed to our website. We have really enjoyed hearing from some of you, seeing your pictures and how you have used the models in your family worship. Hearing that makes us extremely happy and it's the reason we began making these models. Since our last blog post we have been busy adding new items to our site. Below are all the new items we have added and what we are working on.

Joseph & Mary's First Century House & Wares

The inspiration for this house was taken from the New World Translation of the Holy Scripture Study Edition in the study notes for Matthew 1:20.

It represents the dwelling of a family with simple means. A small house like this one consisted of one cramped, dark room, which provided space for an entire family. Furnishings were limited to essential house-hold items. Roof access usually involved a climb on an outside ladder.

Even in such close quarters, Christian homes were pleasant places, where even a poor family could be spiritually rich and happy.

Animals for 1:220 Noah's Ark

When we first started doing Noah's Ark at 1:220, we thought that we could find animals at 1:220 scale that were commercially available. After an extensive search in the internet, we couldn't find anything. We also searched to see if we could source some one to do it for us, but the cost would have been too much.

Fortunately, we found a 3D printer that allowed us to make them ourselves at the correct scale and with very fine detail. Placed next to the ark, the animals allow us to see the grand scale of this life saving structure.

Noah Scale Figure

We first designed this Noah scale figure with the purpose of printing him to scale to go along with the 1:250 & 1:220 arks. Unfortunately at those scales, the figure is so tiny that it's impossible to appreciate any detail.

At the 1:30 scale it's easier to appreciate all the detail. The inspiration for the scale figure comes from the Imitate Their Faith Book.

Aaron With High Priest Garments Scale Figure

This Aaron scale figure is available in 1:30 & 1:40 scale. We designed it to go along with the Tabernacle Scale Models.

The inspiration for the scale figure comes from the Insight on the Scriptures Volume 1.

The High Priest garments were designed by Jehovah God to be worn in his sacred service at the tabernacle. What a privilege it must have been to have been given this assignment at the tabernacle!

David & Goliath Scale Figures

These scale figures were inspired from the Lessons We Can Learn From The Bible Book. At 1:30 scale they give us a good idea of the difference in proportions between David & Goliath.

David didn't focus on how big Goliath was compared to him, but how tiny Goliath was compared to Jehovah God.

In his words recorded in the Bible we can appreciate the complete trust and faith he had in Jehovah. He spoke to Goliath describing in detail what Jehovah was going to do to him. What a great lesson of faith for all of us.

In The Works!

We are still working on Solomon's Temple. The design in CAD has been finished, as well as the scale (1:70) we are going to use. We are in the process of separating the different pieces and how they will be put together. Below are a couple of progress pictures.

There is still a lot of work to be done and it's a long process, but we will keep you posted. We are also working on another first century house with an upper room like the one used by Jesus in the last supper. You can see the inspiration for the new house in the New World Translation of the Holy Scripture Study Edition in the study notes for Mark 14:15.

We hope you have enjoyed the new items that we have released and the ones that we are working on in the near future.

Also, come check the shop in the month of September as some items will be on sale!

In the meantime take care & be safe!


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