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Wood Supply & Tabernacle Fabrics

Hello friends, we hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Thank you for your interest and support this past year. We wanted to give you an update on what we have been doing and some challenges that have come up.

We make our models from a certain type of wood that is not manufactured in the U.S. Our supplier imports it from different countries - Belgium, Austria, Brazil and Mexico. Due to COVID and the holidays, the shipments have been delayed and our supplier hasn't been able to restock their supply. Since we didn't account for this unforeseen circumstance, our wood stock has been depleted and we haven't been able to print our models. In the past few weeks we have been diligently looking to find new suppliers. We found one, but their wood is a little bit different than what we are used to. As soon as we have a reliable source, we will let everyone know. We thank you for your patience.

Tabernacle Fabrics

We finally were able to find a supplier in England to manufacture the fabrics for the 1:40 scale tabernacle. The fabrics will be made from cotton or a similar fabric. They are printed on one side with the different textures that are described on the account in Genesis. As you can see in the picture above, they include: the seal skin tent cloth, the ram skin tent cloth dyed red, the goat hair tent cloth, the linen tent cloth with the cherubs and the (2) curtains for the entrance of the holy and most holy. We hope you enjoy them.

Thank you again for your support. Take care and be safe.

Your friends


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